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Letters from Dr. Gorman's patients:

Translated from Hebrew:

In a few words would like to praise the method of Dr. Gorman:
15 years ago I underwent surgery by Dr. Gorman for an umbilical hernia. Thank G-d, after the surgery I had 5 births (2 of them by cesarean section), and each one went smoothly.
Two years ago, following the last cesarean section I discovered a hernia in my abdomen (not in the umbilicus ), and I underwent surgery with the placement of a mesh. The repair did not even last a month. I went back to Dr. Gorman for his extraordinary technique, and, thank G-d, his operation succeeded again, and I succeeded in returning to all my normal activities and functions.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gorman's hernia treatment.  For anyone who wants more information, please call. , 050-4173359
 Thank you, A.V,(mother of 10)

Translated from Hebrew:

I Live in Jerusalem. I had the most enormous hernia after surgery in the past, and I was operated by Dr. Joel Gorman 10 years ago by his innovative method, without any mesh. I want to thank Dr. Gorman that his surgery helped me. The day after the surgery I returned home and ever since, I simply "forgot about it" and thank God, I feel fine.
Of course, I not only strongly recommend the method but also the humanity of this expert surgeon.
Sincerely, E.M. (A telephone number is available through Dr. Gorman's assistant).

Translated from Hebrew:
I, C.Y. want to thank G-d who sent me 15 years ago a good Shaliach in the person of Dr. Gorman.
I was five months after my third Caesarean section - and due to effort, the inner stitches opened and a hernia was restulted. In addition I suffered from a hernia in my navel, andI had to close both by surgery.
I asked many doctors and they all recommended an operation with mesh, but because I knew this would pose a problem in future caesarean sections, I looked for a better solution. With the help of G-d,  came to dear Dr. Gorman, who operated on me and treated both of the hernias in his special way. Fifteen years have since passed and I had given birthes three more times by  Caesarean sections as if i had never had hernia surgery, all this because Dr. Gorman's technique is so good and there is not a mesh that could cause a problem. For all of this, I thank G-d's good messenger - Dr. Gorman, and wish him lots of health and "S'ata D'shmaya"  in all of his work!
For more information: C.Y. 052-7656385

Translated from Hebrew:
After years of indescribable suffering, in which I went through six caesarean sections along with an appendectomy and then 4 abdominal hernia surgeries i found a man in the form of an angel - Dr Joel Gorman. Following thorough investigation with countless consultantions about the appropriate surgery for fixing the recurrent hernia (by now, indeed very large, 20cmX14cm) I have finally found a doctor willing to operate on me who, while promising me that this difficult surgery would not be easy, also was confidant the hernia would never come back, and all because this surgery is done by special method.Indeed, I must note that Dr. Gorman has kept his promise and now, exactly 13 years after the surgery everything is intact and normal. I should note that two monthes after the operation i needed another small procedure for draining a fluid collection which got infected. of course Dr. Gorman was in contact with the second sergeon and guided him regarding the procedure. i fully recovered and agsince than everything has been fine for 13 years. thank G-d i did not have a mesh which certailly would have gotten infected.
PS I know that today Dr. Gorman performs hernia surgery with removal of excess fat.
With sencere recommends, Y.C.

Translated from Hebrew:
Hello Dr. Gorman
In 2005 you performed hernia surgery on my navel.  I have since had 2 pregnancies with normal birthes, and now I thank G-d for my 5 children and for being able to completely forget about the problem I once had. Beside no recurrence of the hernia, I am completely free of daily pain.
Thank you, S.C.

Translated from Hebrew:
About 10 years ago I had hernia surgery not by Dr. Gorman, on the left side of the body; the surgery was performed under general anesthesia and a plastic mesh was put into my abdominal wall who tried to keep the hernia from coming back.
The recovery from the surgery was difficult, and took almost a month, I did not leave the house, and any movement was accompanied by pain.
Two years ago a hernia started to appear on the other side. Due to unpleasant memories of the surgery on the left side, I did not handle the matter, until I read in the Haredi press articles about Dr. Joel Gorman who has a method to do the surgery under local anesthesia and without a mesh.
I made an appointment with Dr. Gorman, and I was glad to meet a nice, pleasant and Orthodox man who, for one hour, explained to me his method compared to the method with the mesh, and said that the recovery would be easy, and that a day after the surgery I would be able to return to work.
And so it was!!
The day after the surgery I was at work, and was active on my seat!
I can't say that there was not pain; there was. But relative to the pain I had from my previous surgery, it's a ratio of about 1.5.
In summary - I am very satisfied with of Dr. Gorman's treatment and I recommend to those who need hernia surgery to have the surgery done by  Dr. Joel Gorman.
Anyone interested in more information can call me: 050-2502552

Translated from Hebrew:
Dr. Gorman, thanks. Three years ago I decided to have my umbilical hernia repaired, since it has been disturbing my normal life a lot. We checked, and every surgeon said: "You are a thirty year-old woman, still having kids, you should be aware that there is no chance after the surgery that you will ever give birth again without a hernia coming back." It was a miracle we met the dear expert Dr. Gorman. He examined me and explained to me the way he handles the surgery, and thank G-d after the surgery, the hernia, has not returned, and even though one year after the hernia surgery i gave birth to a boy (4 kg) and I'm happy to confirm that the hernia did not come back! There is no pain and it's all closed! Thank G-d there are good messengers as Dr. Gorman and his technique.
It should also note that I got up and got back to normal function right after the surgery. (I have 6 children and a daycare).
At the end, I'd be glad to talk with mothers struggling and suffering.

T.A. 052-7129878 between 20:00 to 21:00

Translated from Hebrew:
To Whom It May Concern,
I had a double surgery by the renowned Dr. Joel Gorman, an expert abdominal wall hernia surgeon. The surgeries were performed in Tel – Aviv, at Atidim Hospital. I had been suffering from both an inguinal hernia, and an umbilical hernia. The surgery by Dr. Gorman was done using his unique method of strengthening the abdominal wall without a mesh. So everything heals spontaneously without any need for a foreign body to be inserted. I am almost 80 years old, but my age was not a factor. I would not believe it possible to successfully complete both operations at the same time, under local anesthesia without any pain, neither at the surgeries nor afterwards. I layed on the operating table for about an hour and a half, or maybe a little more, and at the end I was taken to the recovery room. After a series of tests and antihypertensive medication
  I was released home.
That same day I attended Tfilat Arvit in a public minyan, and the next day I went as usual to the synagogue for morning prayers near where I live. As if nothing had happened, and without pain! Only when I felt I needed to cough I felt immediate temporary pain which passed.
That evening, just a little more than 24 hours after surgery, I attended "Daf HaYomi" as usual. And I deliberately stood up on my feet throughout the lesson, to stay alert!
However, I must say that even a successful surgery made by Dr. Gorman has unpleasant side effects that last for several weeks until they are gone. For example, the slow process of absorbing a small amount of fluid by my body due to the surgery, and the need to more frequently replace my undergarments due to an ugly discharge. This kind of suffering only a patient knows… and not the doctor. Nevertheless I did get frequent moral assistance from Dr. Gorman, who reassure and encourage me by repeated phone calls. 
What is more difficult is the price of the surgery at Dr. Gorman - which is very expensive. I am a retired man and the cost of the surgery has created a significant hole in my pocket. But this also will be over in time.
Now nearly 11 months later, those surgeries are no more than a distant
It is said that the patient also undergoes unpleasant steps, but when everything is over, the bitterness and frustration dissolve by themselves, and the only thing you want to do, is to thank you.
With wished of success, S.M. (Tele): 03-6184660

Translated from Hebrew:
Just a note to say thank you.
For years I suffered from an umbilical hernia, but I was afraid of surgery. Only when the hernia became very large did I finely decide on surgery, and I chose Dr. Gorman as the surgeon. I was convinced by reading articles about his unique method and from conversations I had with women who had surgery by him and who recommended him and his method.
The operation was performed under local anesthesia, and included removal of the fat in the central abdomen to tighten up my abdomen in order to prevent the accumulation of fluid following the hernia repair.
Although this entailed extensive hernia surgery, I was released just 12 hours following the procedure to my home ,in excellent condition.
The pain was minimal, and after a few days, even this passed and my life returned to normal.
Dr. Gorman continued to devote attention to my recovery, and even after a year he called to ask how I feel.
Today, nearly four years after the surgery I feel very good, thank G-d. I wish Dr. Gorman to continue as a good Shaliach of "Rofe Kol Chai" to cure patients in Israel.
Thank you, A.Y

A patient by the name of Yossi (he will be glad to receive inquiries. His telephone number: 054-4221220 or from outside of israel 972-254-4221220
Yossi is an example of someone who suffered from multiple (7!) abdominal wall hernias due to previous surgery and yet was treated simply and effectively at a single operation by Dr. Gorman.  rapidly achieved full activity, and his case shows the long-term success of the procedure now more than 15 years after surgery.

Translated from Hebrew:
I met Dr. Gorman because of my mother's operation.
When my mother was 56 years old (and weighed 120 kg!) she had already many births including multiple surgeries, and had already suffered for years from repeated operations for a recurrent hernia from one of the original surgeries.
So, my mother was operated more than once even though she was afraid to do it, but all to no avail. Her hernia returned, and she had attacks that brought her to the hospital urgent. We were under the impression that there was no appropriate solution for it. Finally, my mother heard about Dr. Gorman through a friend who had an operation by him, and who benefited from the results of Dr. Gorman's surgery without any side effects. It was difficult to convince my mother because of the amount of her suffering, and because she would agree to undergo another surgery only if the results would be clearly proven and long-lasting.
I cannot explain Dr. Gorman's method, but you can only see the results. Dr. Gorman performed surgery on my mother using his special method, which also included removing 3 kg of stomach fat.
My mother's recovery was difficult and slow (my mother used numbing cream – an ointment that helped her recovery) but the results today, three years later, are wonderful!
She has no need to recall her previous suffering, and she has returned to function as a person.
I strongly recommend to anyone who is concerned about unnecessary surgery:
Dr. Gorman's technique works and is proven.
I accompanied my mother through all the period of the surgery and recovery period and I am a witness to his success.
Elisheva M., Brei-Braq.

Translated from Hebrew:
My wife had a large umbilical hernia for several years.
The pain from it worsened from birth to birth until after the fifth birth we decided it was time to treat it.
After asking around and finding several women who had umbilical hernia surgery by various methods, we came to Dr. Joel Gorman.
He received us immediately for diagnostic testing and counseling, without having to wait a long time.
After examining my wife, Dr. Gorman gave us a thorough and professional opinion.
We were impressed that he is a most expert physician, who has both knowledge and experience, (in particular we got to know that he does not use a mesh which, as we know, causes many complications, especially for women who continue to give birth).
We decided to undergo the surgery with him and thank G-d we got to see that the decision was correct.
The surgery was set for a few days later. Throughout and after the surgery, Dr. Gorman revealed human and professional relations with us.
The very next day my wife was released from the hospital. The recovery was rapid and was accompanied by Dr. Gorman's continued interest and professionalism.
It is important to note that since the surgery we have had more children and there is no trace of the hernia.
We are grateful to G-d and highly recommend Dr. Gorman and his method to all who suffer from hernias.
M.H. 02-5372325

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